Who needs silver cloches and white gloves when they can have taste and originality? Top quality basic ingredients, creativity that doesn’t end at the edge of the plate and chefs who know their craft are the best ingredients for the enjoyment of fine cuisine without frills or ceremony. We refer to it simply as casual dining.
Christian Mittermeier and his team have cooked all sorts of people all around the world: for stars and starlets, for good causes, for nerds and CEOs – and of course they’d love to cook for you.

So what’s it to be today? Our chef de cuisine will advise you personally at your table, make a few suggestions and help you to enjoy your meal in a relaxed atmosphere.

Casual dining – on your own, as a couple, among friends or with the whole family.

Casual Dining Stay cool.

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Opening hours
pop-up restaurant
“Taste – not waste” in the BLAUEN SAU

14 February to 09 March 2019
Tuesday to Saturday
12.00 – 22.00 pm
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Opening hours
Casual Dining Restaurant
Tuesday to Saturday
18.00 – 22.30 pm
Sunday and Monday closed

Culinary breaks in the Casual Dining Restaurant
26 to 28 December 2018
01 January to 14 March 2019
05 August to 18 August 2019

Wow, that really tasted good!!!

Piet K.

In this restaurant i ate the second-best duck i have ever eaten: only my grandmother's was better.

Prof. Rolf W.

Thank you for the most wonderful meal.

David R. C.

Everything here is simply perfect!

Rudi C.

Culinary experts Lars Zwick, Jürgen Koch and Christian Mittermeier are real ‘Tauberhasen’.

Their mission: Taubertäler wine. Honest, full of character, sustainable – because good wine is created long before the harvest. This is why our beehives are also located within our vineyards.

The result: excellent honey, unique wines – fantastic taste.